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Falling dice are filling the screen. Your mission is to clear them out by aligning three dice that add-up to 7 or 17. If they are of the same color, you'll get a bonus!

A cool mix of strategy and speed; and with game center enabled you will be able to challenge your friends or aim for the 10 achievements.

There are three different skins and you may wish to replace dice by numbers or colors by textures (with notably the color blind in mind).

Read game rules.

Video and screens

7 & 17 Main screen
7 & 17 numbers
7 & 17 dés
7 & 17 textures
Tips and tricks

Browsing Through the Supply

Don't go too fast at the beginning of the game...

It's the perfect time to optimize your strategy by browsing the dice supply while things are still slow!

Roll your mouse or tap the image to simulate a tap on the up-right supply.

Boost your Scoring

To get to the better scores, you'll need to gather dice of a similar color.

Not only will that give you a better score, but you'll also get a bonus!

Roll your mouse or tap the image to score +71.

Get Rid of Fours

Fours do accumulate, because there is only one configuration to score with them (4+2+1).

Use your bonuses to get rid of them!

Roll your mouse or tap the image for an illustration.

Press kit

Download the press kit (zipped folder with pdf description, links, YouTube video, images, icon).

7 & 17

Game rules and code are worldwide copyrighted and were registered at copyrightfrance.com on March 21st, 2016.

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