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You are color blind, this App has been designed to help you with two main problems:
- identify a color by locating it on the "color wheel" in relation to the primary and secondary colors,
- quickly find "a red screwdriver in green grass" or "ripe blackberries amidst red or green ones", etc...

You quickly switch between modes:
- Portrait view for the "color wheel" picker,
- Landscape right for hue / saturation live modification to quickly discriminate colors,
- Landscape left view for your own mapping of your troublesome colors.


Color'Mate - red sample
Color'Mate - shifted colors
Color'Mate - natural colors
Color'Mate - adjusted colors
Color'Mate - settings
Tips and tricks

Pinch Zooming

You can pinch zoom any image when a detail needs to be analysed.

Roll you mouse on the image for an example.

Hue Shift

If you have protanopia (lack of red sensibility), you will have trouble discriminating red blackberries from the ripe black ones.

In landscape right mode, you could just shift the hue (left slider) until you feel comfortable for ripe berry picking!

Roll your mouse on the image to see a red to green shift (left slider) as well as a slight saturation increase (right slider).

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